DENIED!The people have spoken!  With a vote on June 5, 2018, the Commissioners decided 3-2 against the adoption of the Baldwin County Property Maintenance Code (the re-named IPMC).

Let this stand as proof that any determined group of regular citizens can take charge when their representatives are not keeping the best interests of the public in mind.

Stay aware.  Let them know that the citizenry will continue to participate in local government!  We’ve learned the hard way that if you turn your head for even a moment, a few power-hungry individuals may decide to sneak in policies that they deem “beneficial” — for their own pockets!

This site was originally created to combat the adoption of the IPMC in Baldwin County, GA.  Its continuing mission now is to fight for property rights, fight against government consolidation, and to generally combat all forms of invasive local government policies and government overreach.

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You Can Still Ride the Bus; You Just Have To Sit in the Back

Here we go again. Our county commissioners are using the same tactic they did last time: “Let’s sneak in new land restrictions during the holiday season when everyone is busy with other things. Then when they notice the new ordinances it will be too late to say anything.” They’re steamrolling the legislation into place as …


The property maintenance nonsense has been defeated – for now.  Stay vigilant because powerful people still hope to use our government for their own personal gain.

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