The IPMC Comes Creeping Back

Let’s sneak in a few land use restrictions while no one is watching!

Since the IPMC was voted down by the residents of Baldwin County, our esteemed commissioners have decided they’ll bring it back piece by piece. One or more of them must really have something against mobile homes because they’ve decided to place a 9-month “moratorium” against any new mobile homes in established neighborhoods. While they’re at it, they added tiny houses (anything under 500 sq ft) to the list. They also want to prohibit new event venues, motorsports venues, and RV parks. They pretend that this will be temporary but we all know that it will be permanent and probably even more restrictive than their current plans.

They seem to not understand that they are representatives of the public, not our rulers. They feel compelled to halt development while they come up with more restrictive land use ordinances that they expect to foist onto the ignorant masses without us noticing. The commission expects a lightly-attended but legally-required public hearing followed by a quick vote to enact the wishes of a few powerful area developers who still think they can turn Baldwin County into a resort community by outlawing common people.

There must be some kind of panic over a rumored “tiny house park” that they are totally against for some reason. We already have ordinances that protect against noise before or after certain hours so is a place to hold weddings or celebrations really a problem now? There is one that overlooks their sacred Greenway so maybe that’s the root of their animosity.

Sorry commissioners, but we won’t be Pearl Harbored again. When you start decreeing what will and won’t be done, just remember who put you in those positions. We can just as easily vote you out. The days of citizen apathy are over. We are watching!