Mr. Barlow Still Doesn’t Get It

 “Officials need to take a step back, reevaluate and return to the drawing board in figuring out how the code that is already on the books can effectively be enforced for the betterment of the community at-large.”

Congratulations. You have arrived at the point the rest of us were at nine months ago. Too bad they tried to shove the “medicine” down our throats. We’re not children and we won’t be told what to do just because you said “I said so.”

 “Doing so certainly didn’t win county officials any popularity votes but that is often the risk taken by those charged with leading. As leaders, it is their responsibility to bring others to the table to find solutions in an effort to make the community better.”

Leaders are supposed to reflect our wishes and values, not force their own upon us. You may be used to being the tyrant of your own empire but you have no powers here (with apologies to Glenda, the Good Witch of the South.) You can bet that Mr. Westmoreland and Mr. Craig will be able to enjoy a lot more of their retirement after the next election because they will not be burdened with commission duties after that. Voters don’t forget sneak attacks.

 “As leaders, county officials must bring others who have a vested interest in this issue to the table in order to figure out how to strengthen the existing codes and make them more effective.”

And there’s the crux of his argument: we need laws to strengthen the portfolios of real estate developers. They have money to make and our legal system must make it easier and cheaper for them to get it done.  I hate to tell you but the whole opposition movement has “a vested interest” because we live here too.

“How about bringing some of those opposed to the failed code changes to the table to hear their ideas?”

This has already happened. The problem with that idea is that some of the proposed changes are simply arbitrary standards that are diametrically opposed to the concept of private property ownership. A property owner should not have to give up ANY freedom in exchange for making others feel better. If you want to surrender that voluntarily, you move to a community with protective covenants in place. You have already done that while the rest of us continue to work to make sure the whole county doesn’t turn into the same thing.

“There are no winners if there is never any progress.”

No sir. Our county was the clear winner here. We simply proved that we do not want your definition of “progress.”


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