It’s For Your Own Good

The governments of Milledgeville and Baldwin County have decreed that germs cannot spread during daylight hours. To keep you safe from this, you must remain at home between 10 pm and 6 am. This is for your own good! 2 people out of our 45,000+ population have the coronavirus so they’ve got to lock us all up at night. They’ve got to control your movements at night lest the germs spread like Gremlins being fed after midnight. What a medical breakthrough!

How do they know a curfew is the right thing? Laurens County did it! The huge metropolis of Unadilla did it! That proves that the only course of action for our area is to follow along with their knee-jerk reactions. No stupidity is greater than the stupidity of a group, and our elected officials are going full speed “saving” us.

They’re powerless to handle the overnight gang activity that has resulted in shootings, murders, and even arson over recent weeks but they can confine all law-abiding people to house arrest at night. Notice not one politician has even attempted to explain how being sequestered only at night will hinder the spread of the virus. They issue orders like they were an experienced medical professional and not just a part-time, small-town political nobody. A curfew is designed to protect people and property during times of natural disaster. It works great to control looting after a storm. It does nothing to prevent the spread of germs.

Local politicians think viruses multiply only at night, just like Gremlins!

Thousands of people can go to Walmart or Kroger during the day without question. They can fondle the produce or dig through packages of meat to find the right one. Nobody bats an eye at that. Are the kids bored? Get them out of the house; take them all to Walmart for a few hours! That’s totally legal if you do it at 3 pm. Driving around by yourself at 11 pm to get some peace? That’s a criminal offense. You’re (somehow?) endangering the lives of others!

How do they plan to enforce this? Will they stop every vehicle on the road? Just the ones likely to be driven by NIPs? (that’s non-important persons) What about the people traveling through on the highway who have no idea the town rolled up the sidewalks at 10 pm? Who decides what “reasons” are acceptable? Or is it more of the usual arbitrary, side-of-the-road People’s Court?

Why did the city and county each declare a State of Emergency?

Well, if they didn’t, they couldn’t enact restrictions on your free travel! Using those magic words gives them the authority to make you do whatever they want you to, even if they aren’t sure what that is yet. Keeping you locked up doesn’t really change anything but now they’ve done something. As you know, in politics, doing anything is valued over doing nothing. It makes it look like you have a clue as to what’s going on when you’re just as baffled as the rest of the general public.

“The county must do everything it can to discourage people from passing the virus person to person,” Chairman of the Baldwin County Commission Henry Craig said in a phone interview.”

— 13WMAZ article

Do you get the wisdom in that statement? You can go be in a crowd of hundreds in a store at noon and that’s legally acceptable but if you want to go from your house to a friend or relative’s after 10 pm it will spread the virus. You could go there at 8 am or 6 pm and be totally fine. 10:01 pm and you’re dooming them to certain death and you should be arrested. This is the genius of a curfew and it lays bare the complete lack of reasoning behind their decision.

Municipalities across Georgia are racing to enact curfews now. It’s as popular this year as adding roundabouts to every roadway was last year. It’s like they were all on a big conference call and decided that a curfew was the most small-town-government thing they could come up with. The press releases all mention something about being “for the safety of residents” but they never mention how they expect that to come about as a result of a nighttime curfew. The “reporter” never questions that either; they just parrot the press release as if it were gospel. Remember, this is the same government that took over a state park to use as a quarantine area, then decided they didn’t need it and took it all back out.

“I just don’t think a curfew is necessary. It’s not like a tornado or hurricane. It’s about staying apart right now.”

— Randy Toms, Mayor of Warner Robins (via 13WMAZ)

He gets it. He realizes that it’s a waste of law enforcement resources to have them playing “hall monitor” on our roads when there is more important work for them to do.

Most people aren’t going anywhere at night right now anyway. Great — that’s your own free will at work. To be be forced to give up that option without any useful reason whatsoever is what’s wrong with this situation. We’ve got people relishing their role of being “in charge” right now and they can’t wait to show you what other restrictions they can force on you in the future. If they’re this panicked now, just give them another week or two to really start the decrees flying! Next thing you know they’ll be declaring snow plow routes and alternate-side parking downtown, even if we don’t need those things or know what they are. Don’t question it — they’re busy governing!

In all seriousness, the nighttime curfew is very likely designed to be a smokescreen to get you ready to accept their eventual plan of tighter restrictions at some point. Like the frog in the pot, we won’t notice as they slowly raise the water temperature. “It’s for the public good” they’ll repeat. They hope you won’t notice when free will is replaced by the illusion of choice. You can do anything you want to – as long as they permit it.

It’s common sense: Don’t go out at any time of the day unless you have to. Stand away from others if possible. Only one person run errands; it’s not time for a family outing. Run errands for at-risk groups so they can limit their exposure. Wash well when you return home. All of these things will help, and none of them are tied to what time of day it is!